Thursday, February 27, 2020

Personal essay for university application Statement

Essay for university application - Personal Statement Example I am the eldest of the child in my family and first to graduate among brothers and sisters with a bachelor’s degree in marketing with minor in management information system. I am the first female member of my family to graduate however both my parents are educated and well-respected in their own field. My father has a degree in civil engineering and I consider him as my role model to follow his footsteps. Since my family has a private business in real estate and banking sector therefore like my father, I also plan to contribute to my family business of banking. My Grandfather was one of the founders of the Qatar Commercial Bank and by having a degree in Islamic Finance, I plan to join Banking and be part of the exciting and emerging field of Islamic finance which is fast becoming the banking of choice in many countries. During my studies for BBA, I took internship at the United Development Co and my job was in business to business relations. It was a wonderful experience to directly work with the smaller businesses in real life and help them evolve their marketing and business systems so that they can evolve and improve their chances for survival. This experience has allowed me to actually understand what the problems of the businesses are and how little external help can actually provide the lifeline to these firms. I also realized that access to finance is one of the key to the success of these firms. I believe that a degree in Islamic Finance can actually help me to better understand the field of Islamic Finance and how small businesses can actually benefit from this. I also believe that a degree in Islamic Finance can actually help me to bring in innovative and new ideas to my family business and help it grow to serve the wider needs of the Qatar’s economy. My experience, education and family ground allow me to learn the Islamic Finance at highest level and earn a degree which can certainly add

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